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    BinaryOptionsArea#2 new live signals provider with very high % ITM - Signal Push !!!

    We are BinaryOptionsArea and we are here to let you know that we have a new signal service on SignalPush with a brand new strategy: BinaryOptionsArea#2. We let our personal account grow with 4200% with this strategy. These are the results we have booked so far with our first 64 trades at SignalPush since we started at the 26th of May:

    Overall %: 69% ITM(66 trades)
    Month%: 80% ITM(53 trades)

    You can subscribe and see our full performance if you click here

    We would also like to introduce ourselves:

    Our company has 2 directors at two different locations in the Netherlands. First we will explain you how this happened. We started trading a couple of years ago. We met each other through Skype because we were both clients from a signal provider that gave signals through Skype. We decided to join forces with the goal to make binary options our full time job. After so many hours trading, reading and discussions about all kinds of strategies we have found a strategy which we have tested for a long time. This strategy made it possible to earn our money with binary options and to start a company called BinaryOptionsArea. Because of the two different locations and because we have faith in two strategies we have 2 signal providing accounts and each office is responsible for one live account with the different strategies. This post is all about BinaryOptionsArea#2. We have made the highest profit with the strategy we use for this service.

    We like to be an open and transparent company for our clients so if you have any questions feel free to send us an email to: [email protected] or add us on skype: BinaryOptionsArea. We are working on a new website which will be online soon. We will keep you updated about this.

    What can you expect when you sign up for BinaryOptionsArea#2?

    - About 50-80 trades a month.
    - Trading UK market from the middle of the morning till the closure of the US market.
    - Sometimes martingale trades.
    - 60% ITM during your subscription term or your next month is discounted by 70%.
    - We will never place a lot of trades at the same expiry. We keep our head cool and never react with emotions. BinaryOptionsarea#2 trades with more people to make sure that we place our trades not based on emotions.

    How can you sign up for our service?

    It is really easy to sign up for our signals in just 3 steps:
    1. Sign up for our service right here.
    2. Download the SignalPush app so you can receive our signals, you can download it right here.
    3. Receive our signals.

    We highly recommend to use a VPS. An VPS is a virtual computer that will run even when you shut down your computer. So you don’t need to let your computer on to receive our signals. You can find more about good VPS systems when you click here. These VPS providers will also give you an explanation how to set up your VPS system. If it won’t work please feel free to send us an email about this.

    We hope that you will join us in our binary options adventure and give yourself and us the opportunity to earn money with binary options! For further information or to subscribe click here.

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    There are some rules about posting advertizing here. Maybe you didn't realize that, so take a better look.

    Furthermore, I'm not impressed at all with the results. 69% ITM is nice, but the sample size is much too small to be powerfull. Had many of these short run results in my testings (and saw them go wrong later). One month is simply too short to be a good sample size and can easily be cherry picked. It can also be a moment of a 'good month', followed by bad months, due to market conditions.

    Also I don't like the Martingale aspect, as it is know as a way to ruin an account and not an intelligent way to handle your money. A good system doesn't need Martingale.

    Finally, I don't like signal providers, but that can also be personal. I see no use in following signals (and have to pay for them) when I can have the same (and better) results in my own trading by doing some educational efforts and learning to trade myself.

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    I will agree with Seasalt that it is much better to trade on your own and make the necessary educational efforts. Following blindly signals is not the best option. Although I appreciate your posting and if you share your progress will be interesting to all of us.

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    Legendry Member willyw's Avatar
    I fully agree with Seasaltand Dan21. Trade yourself is the best and wisest choice

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    Legendry Member Michael Hodges's Avatar
    Don't you have to sign up with a certain broker in order to receive signal push signals? from what I have found SP is an affiliate scam......

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    I can't stand any signal service that promotes a broker. How can anyone trust a signal service referring a "specific" broker that earns profit on our losses? Really. It's almost as bad as taking signals from the broker themselves. ( Which people actually do ) But as soon as I see a signal service referring me to a broker. I immediately think how easy it could be for them to work out a side deal for higher affiliate commissions to send horrible signals. It may not be the case, but that shouldn't even be an option in a business that relys on "trust" and "reputation" as much as a signal service does.

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