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    SignalAutoTrader/Trade4me review !!!

    Hi All,
    Just wondering if anyone has used these guys above. Very keen to flip my binary options onto auto trade using this sort of thing. They seem to be good given they have StockPair as their top broker, but just wondering if anyone has used.
    Pretty expensive but want to do their free trial when signing up to StockPair and give them a go?

    Does anyone have any advice?


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    I'm repeating myself....

    Learn to trade, not to follow!

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    I do trade and have a successful method. I just want to turn on auto as the most volatile trading periods are 1am my time.

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    That can be a problem indeed.

    However, I would prefer trading myself anyhow and make it a late working hour.

    The problem with automated trading is, that you have no control because you are not there. If something goes wrong, it could burn your account.

    Especially if you have a working system, I would prefer trading myself. Automatic trading could make a winning team a losing team if there is trouble and you are not there.

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    yeah im in the same situation really. My problem is finding the time to really dedicate to training, i just feel it could take me a lifetime to learn. I see what seasaltmcfish is saying about auto trading but what about a good solid signal provider? Any thoughts? Mick

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    Yes I'm actually trading with and so far so good. The top 3 providers are good, but I would not advise copying the next ones.

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    ah great. I was looking for real experiences from people, with I had a really good experience with Signal Hive. as with per your advice to only select good signals, the same applies to Hive. for them, you wanna subscribe to sake turbo, alvaro, peak, dive, pulse, and turbo. for the most part, stay away from the others, esp. curve and tiki. Glad to hear your experience with Gonna get into that.

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