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    Fantastic Four Scalping Strategy !!!

    I call this Fantastic Four . We use 4 indicators . Works great on 120 sec-5 min , but can be used on longer time frames as well

    1. CCI - Community Channel Index
    2. SMI Ergodic Indicator
    3. SMA (Moving Average) Set to 2
    4. SMA (Moving Average) Set to 5

    Directions- When SMA's cross and blue line crosses red line on SMI take option in direction the red line is going, with confirmation from CCI line going in same direction and same color candle. Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    I can not figure out how to enlarge the photos when I post them ??

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    How long have u been using this strategy?
    Which expiry times did u use? Which combination of timeframes (chart timeframe and Expiry time) yielded best results?

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    The questions of M.J are really important. I am mostly interested of the results you achieved with this strategy. This strategy looks very interesting but I am mostly interested in the performance and also time frame where it is most suitable. If it is scalping strategy probably the shortest time frames are the best? Can you share in more details?

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    Also what is winning percentage ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by M.J View Post
    How long have u been using this strategy?
    Which expiry times did u use? Which combination of timeframes (chart timeframe and Expiry time) yielded best results?

    Haven't used it that much. It's a hybrid of two strategies I picked up off YouTube. I went something like 8 of 12 using it on 60 sec expiry.

    As I said it's a hybrid. Works best in "trending" markets and 60-120 sec expiry. If you want to use it on longer expiry 15-30 min & 1hr I would just change the SMA settings from 2 and 5 , to 10-20 or even 14-30 ... You can also pick up extra signals by the crossovers of the SMA's with confirmation of same colored candle.

    Please post your results here on this thread. Sorry I don't have a longer results record to post. Just wanted to share some of the strategies I picked up. Have a bunch more I'm going to share also.

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    Ok. I will back test it and see how it will do.

    What level are the levels of confirmation for the CCI?

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    Once it passes the 100 and comes back through downward place a put, vice versa for a call , once it dips below 100 and than comes back up through the 100 line. I just draw 2 lines on the CCI so it stands out better

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