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    Cool CVCoption - Building Capital !!!

    Let me begin by saying, that before I found CVCoption a little over 2 months ago, I worked full time as a civil engineer, but I’ve also been interested in the financial market for a long time, searching for ways to invest funds, but I never had the time or experience to really learn and understand what I’m doing and therefore make a profit from it. I’ve tried Forex trading, several other binary options brokers, but none of those experiences truly turned out in my favor.

    One day, as I was looking around the internet, reading reviews and articles, I found CVCoption. I haven’t seen much about them, but they have a simple design to their platform, their website is very informative and I was told that the best way to see great results was to start with a larger capital. In my previous trading portfolios and likewise I’ve been taking trading very slowly, trying to make sure I understand everything I do beforehand. Although support from these other brokers was OK, I still felt there was something impersonal about them, that I was just another customer.
    With CVCoption, whenever I had a question, there was someone available to answer and explain in layman’s terms, so that I’ll understand, and there were points when I had asked them to repeat again the explanations of why they chose specifically one asset over another one. The trading mentor I was issued, had told me about how trading strategies work. I put my trust in this company and invested a sufficient amount to start with (EUR 15,000), while receiving a guarantee that I will not be using all of it, and that it allows more flexibility.

    The CVCoption Team has top notch support, and has taught me a great lot, by one of their trading mentors, who makes sure to keep me updated on major economic news and opportunities in the market. He is well aware of my busy schedule, and respects that I have very little time throughout the day. He still manages to reach me at comfortable times, also sending me SMS signals to my mobile and explains in a 20-30 minute conversation the procedure of selecting the assets and their directions, and other inquires I might have.

    So in over two months, I made roughly $3,000 in profits, and I’ve been able to withdraw some of it already. This is great as extra income, and due to the great service CVCoption provided, I was able to do it without losing hours, days or weeks studying the market. As I was being contacted by my mentor, it all became easier to understand. I am planning on retiring in the near future, and making online trading my main source of income.

    Overall CVCoption is a very professional brokerage, with personalized assistance and quite unique, since I feel as I’m learning a little more every day. My rating : 9/10

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    Hi Moneytrader,

    Thank you for detailed explanation looking like a promotional presentation of your experience with CVC I checked their site and nothing tell that it is something different than the many other signal providers that are offering to follow some suspicious signals, except they are asking you to deposit much more money. I don’t think I will deposit so much money in hands of somebody I barely even know.. but of course it is your choice to make such ‘investments’. If you like them trade with them, but for me the risk is too big. If I have 30k capital I can also make 3k in a month, actually this is only 10% on your investment. So I will always prefer to do it myself for many reasons I won’t discuss in details here. If I have to consider such opportunity I need much more references from good sources like financial magazines and well known sites that are promoting this service. Really sorry but I can not trust single opinion from a single trader.

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    I am also very suspicious about this service and in general about most if not all of the signal services. Why there is no one signal provider showing his past performance, not some screenshots from it?? Probably because of the very poor results they have and they are afraid to show or probably their services are so great that they make histories super secret? I don’t know but trust is made on the sharing and fair play. I don’t want to deal with people who are not open and ready to share what are they really able to do. We all know great promises but that is not something to trust.

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    affiliate marketer?

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