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    Read from the Daily Article Genie !!!

    Ok here is a new thread devoted to articles of education. I will update this thread daily with a fresh article I feel is worthy of your viewing.

    First one is - 11 useful guidelines to technical analysis

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    Just realized I put this in wrong area, should have been posted in "General Trading Discussion" ... Can you please move this for me Martin?

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    you got it!

    Thanks for sharing btw!

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    Todays article talks about the professional traders mindset.


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    Quote Originally Posted by grindtime View Post
    Todays article talks about the professional traders mindset.

    This is really a great article! Thanks for sharing with us grindtime! Most of us, including myself are still far away from professional trading and it is good to know what exactly mean to make it the right way and with the right attitude.

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    Thanks grindtime,

    As always you are presenting interesting ways to educate the community and showing different aspects of trading. I hope you will continue the same way in the future

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    Thank you guys! Keep checking back here I plan on posting one everyday for you all.
    Heres the article for today. By none other Nial Fullers. Price Action Beast!

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    Monday July 7th 2014 Todays article is on removing emotions from trading. Something we all fall victim to so often . Good read and useful info. Hope you like it.

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    TUE July 8th - Article is on detecting the right swings

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    WED July 9th - Article on Bankroll Management!

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