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    A few Swingman's indicators !!!

    After reading the Getsuga Tensho system I have tested some indicators and programmed some variations. If anyone uses this or has suggestions for changes, can post here.

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    HAMA and DEMA !!!

    First, for HAMA (Heikin Ashi Moving Average) there is a version with input data, where you can select the period and the MA type.

    Second, a colored moving average in order to have the double-smoothed moving average, but also other types of MAs.
    It is interesting to note that in the original indicator, there is an incorrect definition in the code.
    The formulas for the calculation of DEMA and TEMA are reversed: what is called TEMA is calculated as DEMA, and vice versa.
    DEMA = double smoothed MA
    TEMA = triple smoothed MA

    Note: if you take the period 13 for the DEMA, you can get the same result as for the HAMA.
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    MACD level 1 and 2 !!!

    First, the classic MACD with colored histograms (fastMA - SlowMA) and signal line.

    Second, the difference between the MACD and the signal line is drawn as a histogram.
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    Stochastic colored !!!

    First, the two-color stochastic with different colors if the slow-stochastic crosses the trigger line.
    In addition, a color change will take place only when the distance between the two lines is greater than a filter of 5%.

    Second, the stochastic four-color with full red histograms (overbought = Stoch> 70) and green histograms (oversold = Stoch <30).
    The Histograms are drawn with lighter colors between the levels 30 and 70, and as in the version 1 the filter of 5% is considered.
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    A simple retracement pattern system !!!

    With the two indicators: moving average and stochastic_v1, a retracements over three bars is taken into account in an existing trend.
    The idea is similar with the comb-pattern in the Igrok book "Beat the odds in forex trading".

    A small statistic can be made for different timeframes (M5, M15, H1, for example), and shows the outcome for possible binary trades from the open with the current time frame as expiration period.

    With similar indicators could also investigate other patterns (doji, hammer, inside-bars, engulfing-bars, etc.).
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    Hi SwingMan, Your strategy just rocks! On the first place it is really simple and also it makes predictions that are reasonable. I am also using stochastic and MA but a bit more longer time frame. Which is your best time frame to trade on it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by supertrader View Post
    Hi SwingMan, Your strategy just rocks!
    Yes, I know ...
    You can make a small table and write for each pair and time frame the percent wins and the maxConsecutive Losses.
    There are no large differences in the time frames from M5 until H1 for about 5 pairs (EURUSD, GBPJPY, NZDUSD, USDCAD and EURJPY).
    The PercentWinns are generally about 66% to 73% for these pairs.

    With a directional-Daily-filter, the number of trades will be reduced to about half, tha PercentWinns slightly increased, and the maxConsecutive Losses reduced slightly. The last is important if you want to double the $amounts.

    I've developed this pattern indicator only in the last few days and have not much experience with it.
    This days I try to write and to test in the next weeks an EA for CoreLiquidity.

    As attachment, a current version of today.
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    nice work,

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    thank you Mr.SwingMan

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