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    Now seeking coaches/mentors for my upcoming company. Great compensation! !!!

    Hello everyone,

    As some of you may know I am in the process of launching a company called Trader Agency. I am looking to add some coaches/instructors to our team and thought I would post here and see what happens. I am looking for 4 forex instructors and 4 binary option instructors. The position will require some commitment , but will be very rewarding. ( And the more your available to offer the better )

    I have a very creative compensation package that I will discuss in further detail in private, as well as other details. I am only seeking qualified traders with the ability to coach and produce a positive win rate. If you are not a profitable trader with some experience please do not reply.

    Please send me a private message for more details if interested.

    Thank You

    Founder & Ceo of Trader Agency ((( Coming Soon ))
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    Very interesting. Coaches and mentors are much, much better than tips and signals. Keep us posted!

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    Trader Agency is a unique business opportunity combining opportunity with forex and binary options.

    Our main products will be
    1. Binary options training/ "live" trading and instruction & signals 3-5 hours a day / access to training videos library - $100 monthly

    1. Forex training/"live" trading and instruction & signals 3-5 hours a day / access to training videos library - $100 monthly

    Other various approved products added to our Traders Market ------ which will also be added to commission volume

    You can earn a substantial income with our dual compensation plan!

    This gives you an idea of how the company works. I can answer any questions you have about forecast, goals, financial objectives, or anything else a business plan consist of. Just PM me

    My goal is to give people an opportunity to have their own business related to trading, one that provides an excellent income and backs it with excellent products and services. I want all our customers to be happy with our services or they get their money back. And at the same time as providing quality trading education and coaching provide an opportunity to create a residual income in the thousands with our business model.

    I want to provide an environment where people can receive awesome coaching and mentoring and learn how to be successful traders and grow a business at the same time by sharing our quality services with people they know.

    I'm here to answer any questions. Just PM me.

    And I will def link communitraders as our #1 forum for binary options community!
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    I will post all Trader Agency updates here this thread. ---- Exciting news for additional income stream from Trader Agency

    In addition to our powerful compensation plan which pays overrides, matching bonuses, volume bonuses on all of our financial products and services. We will be adding other highly recommended and valuable forex & binary option products already being sold with common affiliate programs. But instead of getting paid 40% affiliate commissions on your personal sales for promoting these products as they normally pay. Trader Agency takes the 40% or 50% or whatever it is, and pays you out on your entire organization 9 levels deep. So now you'll be able to cash in on purchases of these widely sold services from your entire organization!

    15% of 1,500 sales is much more rewarding than 50% of your personal sales! This is just an added bonus to our already rewarding business opportunity.

    Don't want to participate in the "business opportunity"? That's fine too. Trader Agency will provide quality education and training , to get you groomed to be a professional trader and stand on your own.

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    Our coaching team is secured! I am still seeking a professional "spanish speaking" trader to join us. We have an AWESOME team with tons of experience and I look forward to working with them. I am excited about our launch and it's an honor to work with such a professional team and provide opportunity to people while showing them how to stand on their own as a trader. Our business opportunity has huge potential for someone with no experience to achieve a comfortable income and benefit from quality training and coaching in forex and binary options while they build their business.

    Now that my coaching team is secured we are working on our marketing division. We have a BIG VISION and our future is bright!

    Think Big - Act Big - Get Big

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    That is interesting offer. Do you have a website for your coaching service?

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    I intend to have our pre-launch site up within 45 days. You can PM me your email if you want to stay up to date with our launch. Or you can follow us on Facebook or Twitter

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    I could be an adviser on the "Alottaguessin" strategy. Hey, it sounds great and I wish you the best of good fortune.

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    lol ... I don't think that would work out too well . Thats why I had hire a team of coaches because nobody wants to pay for the "Alottaguessin" strategy I teach. I appreciate the wishes.

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    How you will select your coaches? I mean do you plan to select them based on their abilities to sale your product or based on the abilities to trade. Are you planning to present real time performance of your trading coaches to the public? They have to be really smart enough otherwise it will be waste of efforts I think.

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