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    razz Hello to everybody!!! !!!

    Hi all. I am 28 y.o. from Estonia. I am really looking to become the master of binary trading.It is fun how I came up to binary. I saw one of those advertisements where one succsessful trader is telling how you can make tons of money from home and just go step by step. Obviously he was advertiseing some broker. His strategy was something like look for a 52 degree angles between candles and when the angle is less that 52 then there will be not change in derection.( well I have not see that kind af a stragedy in this forum LOL) Afterall I started to google binary options and finaly came up to this site and that was the best thing happened. All the learning expierence has made me much more aware of trading and I am happy to be here. I know its a long road and one must keep calm and not get too emotional because I have made that mistake once and I felt that feeling when you lost it all because you got in the rush to make your loosings back. I find that expierence also good for me cause I know that I did not want to make the same mistake again and feel bad about it.

    Overall, I really like BOTS and thank you for all the wise information. Without this forum It would have been much much harder to get friend with binary and start mastering charts and money

    I wish all the best for everybody in this formu and see you around the subjects.

    Thank YOU!

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    Hello Dekan! Welcome to Communitraders we're glad to have you here. This forum is a great place to learn and sounds like your heading in the right direction.

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    Hello Dekan!

    Welcome to our community!

    It is great you find the way to here and I am sure you will learn a lot of new things about binary trading from the site and the people here. Ask question and test your trading skills in demo the demo platform we have here. Don’t risk money before achieving some basic skills and knowledge. If you are open to learning there is no way you will succeed. There are many successful traders here and if you ask them and follow you will learn to trade better.

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    Hi Dekan!<br><br>Welcome to our community mate! For sure trading is not that easy like the promoting guys are offering to the newbie traders, but it is not impossible. The experience is not something that can be skipped or underestimated. Try to use all the available information from school section of the BOTS site, from the forum and from the reviews and all the articles we have collected over time. Than you will have the basis to make your own decisions how to proceed with binary options trading! Wish you good luck and many interesting hours here <br>

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    Hello Mate!! Thank you for your kind words. Much appreciated!
    Looking forward to see you around mate!

    BTW- How's Estonia? Heard it's a beautiful country.

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    Welcome here Dekan,

    Don’t trust scammy signal providers! Don’t believe false promises. Trust only your mind and your feelings. Test everything many times before putting it into real trading. Listen to everyone but don’t take everything as granted. The only way to achieve success is trough your eyes and your personal decisions.

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