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    Dont know what I'm doing wit this chart but it looks cool !!!

    I don't know what strategy is developing ........ But it looks pretty cool. I like the RSI-3tF-Alert 22 Has anyone ever used this indicator?

    Indicators used
    RSI - 3TF- Alert 22
    Indestructible Trend Winner

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    Specialist Member marc's Avatar
    Yup ... I played around with this indi too, but had no luck

    And I am not sure, if the "concept" of using an RSI for oversold/overbought markets is even viable for BO ... as I see it, RSI on top/bottom can signal a reversal OR a heavy trend ... so actually you are as wise as before

    On top of that, I think that more timeframes in ONE indicator just don't work ... at least I haven't seen a working one .. with working, I mean predicting the future, ofc )) ... an H1 RSI in a M5 indicator window will crazily repaint till the end of the hour ... and that is too much confusion (for me)

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    multiple time frame analysis works very well with things like stochastic, macd and other oscillators. You just have to use time frames that matter, one minute and five minute bars are bunk and do not reveal underlying trends. just minute to minute fluff and noise.

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    Yes, I always use multiple time frames in my trading. Looking at the monthly, weekly and daily will give me a birds eye view, and even if I'm trading 15 min expiry I usually have a 30 min , 1 hr and I will look at lower time frames as well 5 min and 10 min .

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