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    help Hi Everyone !!!

    Nice to meet you.

    Have always wondered what all the fuss is about with regards Binary Options so here I am.

    The reason I am here is I came across a program called The 1 Percent Club which is free to
    download the software but $250 dollars was mentioned to trade with and that is as far as
    know about the program.

    Has any one here heard of the 1 percent club?

    I would be interested to see if it was legitimate or not?

    Many Thanks

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    You do realize that the "recommended broker" pays $300 CPA ( cost per aquisition ) or a revenue share on all new clients 1% club sends their way. Of course that revenue share comes from your losses not your winnings.

    So if you owned a company and had a club sending you thousands of new members, How long would the arrangment last if every new member they sent you turned a $250 deposit into thousands and thousands of dollars. I know I would end that arrangement fairly quick.

    I don't know anything about the 1% club. But their ad shows a $250 deposit turned into 1 million in 70 days. Get rich quick hype is an immediate RUN SIGN for me. Your best bet is stick around this forum. Read the broker reviews and join a reliable broker. And start with a demo account while learning from all of us here in the forum. I know its not as appealing as making thousands of dollars overnight on auto-pilot but it's the way to go.

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    Also... Welcome we're happy you found us and glad to have ya

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    I had never heard about them before but for me it is clear from many miles that it is a clear and visible scam. Too much of them are here, don’t trust them blindly!

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    Hi Ian! Welcome aboard.

    I see Grindtime already provided you with an explanation. I think the more important question is what broker do they want you to deposit into?
    If that's a good and reliable broker, and you've thought about opening an account with this broker, then it's ok. You get signals (I don't know about the quality of the signals) and you've a good broker.

    Now.. If the broker is unsafe, and the signals suck - You'll lose your money quickly.

    Please share some more details about the SSP so we could help.

    BTW - I hate websites that ask me if I "really want to leave this page".
    No I don't. I want to give you my money instead. being cynical behind the keyboards.

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    Hi Ian and welcome to CommuniTrader!

    Read critical such offers and don’t trust them blindly. As Martin and grindtime said there are many traps for newbie traders and false signals is just one of them. First red flag and clear spam signal is when you see the offer contain something impossible like that one – ‘you will make millions from your 250$ deposit’. That’s clear to everyone that something with them is wrong.

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