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    Looking to have a copy-trade script coded !!!

    I know some of you have experience in writing EA's and was just wondering if anyone here would know how to create a copy-trade script that could copy trades from a main account to multiple/ various BO platforms?

    If so please message me so we can talk about it and the money it will cost me.

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    Administrator Martin Kay's Avatar
    I've been thinking about this thread a lot, and I think if it evolves money and Independent projects, this thread should go into the business room. Moved. Still open for discussion though (: Hope you'll find the right guy!

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    It is interesting idea, but I am not sure that at the moment there is viable solution. Most of the BO Brokers don’t have API gate at the moment and this avoids such coding experiments.

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    I wish brokers would add B.O options to MT4

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    There are brokers based on mt4. Try VantageFX, FXDD, DirectFX.. I'm not a big fan of those options, but I think there's a Hugh improvement in this field. I know PandaTS are working in this direction.

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