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    As Simple as OBV (on balance volume) with S&R !!!

    The title says it all trading 20-30 minute expires with divergence and convergence of price and volume working together........and DONT start tellin me the tick volume on MT4 doesnt work, because it does WORK!!!
    Price forms M + W patterns, plus HEAD and SHOULDERS, where volume is able to show confirmation of weakness


    When price bounces of previous support with a confirmation from the OBV, volume will either be at the same level or above, showing weakness in the down trend....(if OBV breaks OBV support this signals of a continuation of downtrend)

    SELL: When OBV is unable to break OBV resistance, and even if price breaks RESISTANCE, this shows weakness in the trend, or when OBV hits resistance but price is lower

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Quote Originally Posted by COGSx86 View Post
    ........and DONT start tellin me the tick volume on MT4 doesnt work, because it does WORK!!!
    ...ok, ok, just dont get angry man

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    Hahaha Im glad you got my humor,

    attached are the URL's of those charts, I didnt realize they would be that blurry


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    Hahaha and im glad you got mine

    btw, the links dont work for me

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    fixed, I will add some more from the last day

    Im also trying to develop a guided chart to help show the key details, and when to make the trade

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    As per the update, friday EURUSD + USDJPY, charts are labeled to help show what developed.

    Price was unable to break above 101.400 at US market OPEN 15:12 to 15:30, as well at 2600 OBV, hit RESISTANCE on price chart, at same time hit RESISTANCE on OBV (weakness) Prive dropped 100 points in 30 mins, Then at 15:31 price made a new low at 101.278 with slight reversal, then 6 minutes later touched 101.278. OBV at this point remained stationary with strong reversal, price continued and broke 50% Fibo on both PRICE chart and OBV break previous OBV resistance

    Price then had doubled touch of previous resistance with lower OBV twice in a row then a big drop to previous support, then channeled for 3 hours between these points

    This is an example of the beginning of weakness

    This chart shows the result of the weakness from the previous chart above

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    EURUSD, this morning had some nice movement, with lower volume price was unable to break prior price level both on the upside and on the downside. In just 1 HOUR.

    12081117 452 EUR/USD 21/07/2014 13:25 1.3524 currencies 21/07/2014 14:00 1.35163 xxxxxxx 818.12 USD

    12081653 452 EUR/USD 21/07/2014 14:01 1.35166 currencies 21/07/2014 14:30 1.35221 xxxxxxx 818.12 USD

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    Today, we had a head and shoulders pattern form, one of the keys to identify this is with OBV, we see an accumulation of volume, but with price at the same level. This shows STRENGTH. This shows the buyers are accumulating the currency, even thou the sales are continuing. We then see price spike up, overcoming the selling pressure. Price hits previous resistance, so new high within the past hour plus OBV makes new high. 15 minutes later price makes a new high, with lower OBV, this of course equals WEAKNESS. Then again price hits resistance, with even lower OBV, creating even greater divergence.


    hit me up on skype (COGSx86) or facebook (COGS's CORNER) if your looking for more information and the ability to work together, my theory is the more people you have looking at the same thing you will find patterns, and techniques to master the markets

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    Well............this is the big one hahaha

    Today was a big one, all week USDCAD was wanting to break resistance, well it did in a big way for everyone to see......W-Pattern, HAMMER after HAMMER, hititng previous SUPPORT and of course VOLUME confirmed the whole thing it was pretty awesome, I hope you didnt miss it but if you did, check out these screen shots helping show the confirmation and the beginnings of the endless journey Enjoy

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