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Thread: Hello to all.

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    Rookie Member Crazycat's Avatar

    Hello to all. !!!

    Hi My name is Rohin. I'm from Australia.

    Like a lot of people curiosity about binary options led me to start googling and googling and googling.

    And so here I am at what looks to be one of the most open honest discussions about the topic that I have come across.
    It was very refreshing to find this forum. What an eye opener it has been to begin reading over so many different areas about binaries.

    I have done a very minimal amount of paper trades. I now keep getting caught up in reading this forum and the more I read it will be a while yet before I commit any of my hard earned cash.
    I dream of owning a rural property and be independent from "working for the man". Not filthy rich just independent.

    In the words of an obscure Australian punk band. "Lose sight of your dreams and you will have nothing"

    I hope you all can realise your dreams and stay ITM!!

    Lastly a massive thanks and regards to the forum creators moderators and contributors. There is potentially a way.

    Now back to school for me I'm slacking off the studies

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    Legendry Member Okane's Avatar
    Hey, welcome.
    The school is great, let us know if you need any help.

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    Solid Member jango_down's Avatar
    g'day, welcome to BOTs. What you say about this place is true, im glad i found it.

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    Specialist Member marvel's Avatar
    Hello, nice to meet you! I'm sure you'll enjoy staying here and you'll learn even more than you've already had. Your experience might be helpful for those who are just starting and haven't yet already walked trought their first ups and downs.
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    Administrator Martin Kay's Avatar
    Well g'day mate, another Aussie on board is always a treat. Let us know if you need any help, step by step I hope we can make your dream come ITM (:

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    Master Member SeasaltMcFish's Avatar

    Hope you'll learn a lot and wish you great trades!

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    Senior Member grindtime's Avatar
    Welcome aboard! You are in the right spot. Glad to have you here. Let us know if you need anything

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    Legendry Member willyw's Avatar
    Its nice to have you here Rohin. Wish you a successful trading

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    Rookie Member Crazycat's Avatar
    Cheers guys........ Appreciate the welcome.

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    Senior Member Deanfx's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Crazycat View Post
    Cheers guys........ Appreciate the welcome.
    Hello Crazycat,

    I wish you to make your dream come true and also to learn to profit from Binary Options. That’s not an easy business but you will succeed if you learn persistently.

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