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    eureka First made strategy !!!

    Hi guys, i've been working to develop my strategy and i want you to tell me what do you think. Basically, its a combination of some of the strategies that resulted me most useful in the school , so here is the setup. The signal if generated mainly by MACD crossovers, i use EMAs (50 and 100) to determine trend, PSAR and stoch in multiple time frames for confirmation. Im testing it in 30 min time frame.

    For calls:

    EMA 50 is above EMA 100, so the trend is bullish.
    MACD moving averages cross upward
    Parabolic SAR is below price
    Stochastic in 30min and 1h going up

    For puts:

    EMA 100 is above EMA 50
    MACD moving averages cross downward
    PSAR is above price
    Stoch in 30min and 1h going down

    In bullish trend, we dont take in count MACD crossover downwards, and in bearish trend, we dont take in count crossovers upwards.
    Here is a pic

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    It's good that you are trying to pick stuff you are comfortable with but I think this chart looks too cluttered.
    So just test it for now and then remove the indicators you think are helping the least or if they give the same signal that
    you can get with the other indicators you already have. Eventually you might have a good strategy.

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    Sounds like youve created a strategy that works for you. Are you having success with this strategy? I agree with Okane about removing some of the indi's that are just giving the same confirmation. I think your strategy would work just as well with the 2 ema's and the MACD for confirmation. EMA's and EMA crossovers are good for trends which Stoch will stay overbought or oversold in a strong trend so I think you could get the same quality of signals without it. And you would be able to see the candles more clearly

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    At now, ive won 4/4 trades (demo) using 5min time frame i know 4 trades are nothing, but its working well.

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