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    hellow from korea !!!

    Ssup folks.

    I've been searching about the new finance invests for more profits

    and I was keep thinking of BO's

    then I found here.

    I was traded FX till march and its been blew up by ukrainian issues LOL

    anywho, long storie short.

    I just hope you guys feels me familiarize to share about the strategies, and lead us to "richer"

    Ooooh! the meaning of ma names!

    It means "reverage doubler" simply lol

    whatever see you guys more actively. lol

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    Wellcome, "reverage doubler"! Sorry to hear about your problems, but it's your own fault. You can't blame Ukraine for loosing money on forex. I wish you good luck from now on!

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    Welcome to BOTS! Well, you should never get too upset about losses. It’s the most important psychological rule in trading. Because when you feel down for losing money, you will lose concentration thus you’ll lose more money. Calmness, patience and stubbornness – that is the only way to winnings.

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