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    Hi All From Texas! !!!

    Hi all -
    A few lines to introduce myself. I'm Dan.

    I reside in the US and am currently an IT professional. I have been trading for a few years now, and tend to have broken even for the most part. I really enjoy it, and enjoy learning about it. Until recently, i have focused on trading covered options, but am really liking what I have been learning about Binary Options, and trading Forex. I must admit, im a bit gun-shy at the moment with the mixed reviews on brokers, and am still in the research phases. Right now I'm trading on a demo account with Nadex, until I muster some courage and feel a bit more informed. In addition, I feel (from my research) that there are a lot of untrusted and scam-artist brokers out there, and the Nadex seems the most legit. Many people seem to report issues with withdrawals after they make a profit, or just plain being ignored.

    I would say my progress is "ok", as i have started to more closely utilize fundamentals and technicals. I'm not a pro by any stretch and am really hoping this community can help me close that gap and become a more savvy trader.

    Thanks all, and hope to chat soon!

    TX, USA

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    Welcome aboard Dan. Your in the right place. Everyone here is very helpful. There are a couple reliable brokers for US traders. Check out the reviews section on the main page here. Also I would go through the school which can be found here

    If you have any questions feel free to ask. We will be more than willing to help a fellow trader

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    Hi Dan, its nice to have you here. If you have any questions please feel free to post them here and you will be answered.

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    Hi Dan! I'm glad you're with Nadex, that's a fair company with legit operation no doubt. Nevertheless, there's quite a difference between the so called EU-binary options style and US style binary options. We are corrently working on a set of new articles to cover those option. Nadex pros- Legit, trusted, US. Cons - less assets, less expiries, poor costumer service (although this one is a problem with lots of other brokers as well.. Nadex just seem to be very indifferent with their clients).

    Bottom line- Welcome aboard Mate! Michael here is our Nadex expert, check him out (:

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    Hello Dan! Wellcome to BOTS! You've made a good choice with Nadex. Personally I havent heard complaints about it yet, mostly good stuff. I'm waiting patiently for the new articles that Martin mentioned as I am planning to try it soon. I'm sure we'll both find enough information here. However cons in my opinion are not so small and you really have to think is it better for your long term success.

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    Hello Dan and welcome here!

    Wish you to improve and develop your trading style, making many small discoveries and becoming a better trader.

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