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    Please reccomend full detail strategy for beiginer ? !!!

    Please reccomend full detail strategy for beiginer ? , Thanks

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    what's wrong with some spell checking?? try this post:

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    Read the BOTS school first. There is no way someone can recommend you a strategy that's good for you. It is very individual and it depends on many factors even simply your daily routine.

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    I agree with dorrian. You could read also some of the Diaries that other traders are posting and see what kind of strategy fits you best. For example I am trading mostly short term volatility spikes and mostly countertrending and ranging strategies, but some peoples are great trend followers and they can give you nice examples of their trades too. If you check the Michael's tips thread you will see how successive he is in buying dips in the big stock market trend. So everything will depend on your personality, you can not know in advance what kind of strategy will fits you best.

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    The above is spot on.

    There are literally thousands of trading strategies out there that you could try, some even backed up with some very good tests - still, you could lose money with them in the end.

    What I'm saying is that it's not that easy to just look up a "strategy for beginners" and then expect to make money.

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