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    sad3 How do I get an account Demo.? !!!

    How do I get an account Demo .?
    i want try Binary Option
    thank you

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    Administrator Martin Kay's Avatar
    You can always use CommuniTraders as demo.

    Also most brokers offer a demo account. Where are you based?

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    thank you martin
    i want try 24option
    or any another broker
    if you have any broker offer a demo please set link here to try

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    go to this page -

    you need to register and ask for a demo directly. 24Option is a good choice.

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    Welcome here! From your nickname seems you are very new to binary options. Make some trades in CommuniTraders and than apply for demo with one of the good brokers, better to be the same that you will start later real trading. Agree with Martin, 24Option is a good choice! If you have more questions let us know

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    24option do require you to open an account and make a minimum $250 deposit before you can access their demo platform. If you don't like the platform you can withdraw your deposit no probs. (this is obvious to all of us but may not be to new.)

    Note// this is not unique to 24option but common with most brokers.

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    thank you guys
    i will try binary options
    thank you

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    From now on, you can use this room -

    closed and cheers!

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