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    flowers Fibonacci and Reversal trading (My take on it) !!!

    Im going to attempt to show how I use Fibonacci is a step by step series of videos. I mainly use Fibos as a confluence tool to trade reversal's, and of course with any technical indicator needs to match Price Action.

    So hopefully you will enjoy and take something use full away from it.

    The first one will not deal with numbers at all and will focus on one sided Fibos, and Fibo Retracements and how to identify them.

    Its a very basic look at Fibos and how to identify what type of Fibo you have.

    Please feel free to ask any questions !!

    Please look at the bottom of the post and ill attach a few auto fibs to help you get started, I prefer to draw them my self but if in a pinch i have then hotkeyed in MT4 so I can throw them up when needed.

    Part 1:

    A few indis for yea

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    Part 2:

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    Part 3:

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    Part 4:

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    I Love fibs, however, I almost never use them as a signal on their own, just as locations where signals may form. IT is my other tools that provide the actual signals.

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    I agree 100% i don't have fibs on my screen all the time I usually toss them up when needed to help me decide. After using them a few years I can kinda judge them without having them there but tossing them up now and then really helps me decide on a trade now and then.

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    Yes, agreed fibo is great tool

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    I could barely see the candles on your first video you got so much stuff on it. Fibo's a great tool for me and I use it with my trading all the time.

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