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    BinaryEasy Dolly 15 Strategy - Fibonacci + Dolly for Binary Option Signals! (MT4) !!!

    Download Link:

    After watching different youtube videos about different systems It came into my mind to try an build an binary options strategy towards CJA's (TSD) Dolly 15 system. Make an breakout strategy that everyone can visually understand. Admin, I didnt test it much, i plumb it up today and sharing here so everyone can try it off, and see how you can find it useful, improve it and make something strong together in this thread.

    Rules i found as working during my tests today:
    • We approach fibonacci green dotted line
    • We let the candle break the fibonacci line
    • We wait for Dolly tell us 100% short or long signal
    • Enter 2 minutes trade on 5 minute chart

    2nd Signal Type:
    • When the yellow 1-2-3 fibonacci appears
    • You wait for 161.8 approach
    • When candle getting close to 161.8 (from above for short, from under for long)
    • Let Dolly suggest 100% Long or Short, allow candle start breakthrough the 161.8 level and enter here for 2 minutes trade

    3rd Signal Type:

    • I've added SR_Dots (Support Resistance) I didnt test it but we can possibly trade those also by utilizing the Dolly suggestions when candle touch the SR for resistance or support (SR_Dots included in the rar file and are pre-set in the template, but not in the screen shot I posted in this post).

    Screen Shot (in posted version MBFX timing replaced with Stochastic):

    Lets see how we can turn this system into profitable for all of us, share your ideas, suggestions, even pack it in your way and share back with your modifications. Lets make something good

    Great weekend everyone!
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