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Thread: Newbie from PR

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    Newbie from PR !!!

    Hi all.

    I'm just getting started with BO. Still in the research phase. I have researched many, but not chosen a platform. Have heard about signal providers and systems to use, but am skeptical. I've seen many tutorial videos and demonstrations on how BOs work. It's fascinating and exciting to me already. I accidently stumbled onto a BO page the other day online and can't stop looking for more information. This is the first forum I have joined, so hopefully I can get some great feedback. Any information will be a great help and be much appreciated!


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    Hello and welcome!
    Be very careful approaching signal providers, auto-bots and systems...
    The majority of them are basically frauds.

    Only "secret" I can tell you is that hard work pays off so you need
    to start educating yourself early or you'll end up being just another
    loser in this tough market.
    Start learning here:
    and ask in the forums anything you want to know. We also have plenty of articles explaining almost
    everything you need to know =). So you came to the right place. Good Luck!

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    Hello binariopr7 and welcome to CommuniTraders!

    Here is the right place for you. Reading and analyzing the things you read –this is the first phase. If you ask questions and communicate with the other users here you will learn faster and better, that’s why I am recommending you to keep talking with other more experienced binary options traders. Don’t rush into quick rich schemes, signals and bots, learn by your self and build your knowledge on the basis of personal experience. Wish you good luck and happy trading in CT

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    Hi binariopr7,

    Welcome here! That’s great you find a place to learn from other traders. That’s the whole meaning of keeping a trading community – to help each other! By the way where it is PR? Is it Prague in Czech Republic? I have been there few years ago

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    Hi binariopr7, Okane is very right, hardwork pays off. Learn to trade yourself is the best strategy.

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    I agree with the others. Not only your own knowledge will be more beneficial for you, it will also make trading a lot funnier as learning new things, trying them out and always realizing that you’re pushing them further and further and you’re getting better and better is precious.

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    All has been said, so good luck, but better: good studies!

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