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    I like BOTS (from Papua, Indonesia) !!!

    Hi all,
    Thanks for the opportunity as this may leads me to achieve something better in the future.
    I am from Indonesia, work at a minning company in Papua island..
    Never knew anything about binary before, heard about forex a bit but dealing with lots of numbers and charts was giving me headache. Until a month ago as I clicking randomly at all the commercial emails links in my inbox and ends up openning an account on one of the binary option broker. Curiosity was all over me, 'What on earth have i done..?' 'What is this binary thing..?' Starts searching anything to do with binary and one thing got in my head, 'this is easy money..'
    Still doing my search until i found BOTS, I like it, this is my A-Z binary book now.. thankyou..
    I am doing and Trader XP live now, up and down...
    So... leads my way please..

    Sorry for the bad english as well, still so much to learn..
    Have a blessed trading days..

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    That's how I felt the first time I signed up with a broker "what have I done?"
    "Easy money" no it's not, actually quite hard to begin with but once you've mastered it
    then yes it could turn into an easy way of making money since you can do it in the comfort of your home.
    Just start going through the articles in the school section.
    Good luck!

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    I did experienced how its not so easy money after all.. hahaha
    I am at the school section for the past 3 days now, try to eat it all as much as my brain could digest.
    Interested much with the BO tools, had download MT4 which seems not working properly in my android (dont know whats wrong)
    I will surely asking you guys around and shares some experience later on.

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    Ok but if MT4 does not work properly in your phone you can try NetDania, you'll find it in app-store and it's free.

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    Welcome Jox.

    Please tell me what is your experience with TraderXP. When i was googling reviews to choose a BO broker, TraderXP scored the lowest. Infact i found about 100 separate complaints compared to zero legitimate good reviews. I read recently that they got bought by another company, maybe they are better now?

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    Hi Jox


    Your English is fine, so no worries. Many of us don't speak English as their native language.

    When talking about MT4 and brokers, I would suggest you take a very good look at the reviews. It's very, very important to have a trusted broker, else Binary Options can become a major disappointment. With a good broker, you can make it.

    Wishing you good trades!

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    Welcome to our binary community Jox!

    Here you will find anything you need for your trading. Don’t rush immediately into real trading because it is difficult to keep everything the right way when you are a novice! Wish you all the best and many ITM trades.

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    Hi Jox,

    Welcome to CommuniTraders!

    You already know trading binary options is nothing but “easy money” However with hard work it can be learned and practiced with success. Here you will find everything you need and most of all help from other traders like you with wide range of experience and knowledge. If you want to ask something ask directly in the forum. It will be much better than pwt messages because many people can participate in the discussions. Wish you good luck and many ITM trades!

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    Hello, Jox! I almost envy you – I remember warmly my trading beginning. It’s great to have so much new things to learn ahead of you. I wish you good luck and to have great fun while reading and trying!

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    Hi all,
    Sorry for the so late reply, it was quite a busy weekend with fams..
    I did took a risky decision for going live, knowing so little at first pays me a great amount of experience (and money too.. hehehe)
    Thanks to all of you guys, slowly i get to know how not just to trade but also how to have the right feelings when doing binary.
    Trader XP, not so bad, deposit and withdrawal took exactly 3 banking days, their account manager very polite and very concern about everything, their platform is okay, they hv android application that i downloaded into my samsung tablet and work just fine..
    With them i deposit $200 and they gave me 100% bonus, after a week up and down, i finally made over $500, they said i can wd 100 if i wish, so i did, and there's no problem with the process into my neteller account..
    I trade based on guts and feelings mostly, which is bad.. hehehe..
    Again thankyou all for welcoming me..

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