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    Trading diary - When trading goes from hobby to occupation !!!

    I started off with trading as a hobby, reading about it, learning different strategies and eventually try it out through demo-trading. I have, together with a friend, made the effort to start different kinds of business several times. We saw opportunities in BO as well. We got in touch with a CEO for a huge company and persuaded him to be our partner and investor. We have now two months to show him that we can handle the trading and after that the cooperation might proceed and he will invest alot more money. Follow my journey where i will turn my starting balance, 700 dollar to at least 1000 dollar (40% yield) on two months. I will upload the daily "Trade of the day" and give you guys daily tips on analyzes and strategies. Let the trading begin!

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    First step when trading with money: Have a plan!
    Untill the day you get a plan you should concider trading as a hobby and not a way to make money.
    * You should decide a limit on how many otm trades you can have on one day (my maximum is 2 otm)
    * You should decide a fixed amount on how much you should trade in every trade (my amount is 3-5% of my balance)
    * Always be aware of todays news and decide whether you will trade while their is a news release (high impact news) or not. And in what conditions you will trade. (I tries to determine in what direction I want the news to have, values over or under the forecast, and then look after the currency pair that´s strong/weak against the news related currency)
    * And ofcours you should have a strategy or several you believe in. With all the important details like, when to get in the trade and expiry time. You will soon see what strategies I use, feel free to ask questions!

    First day: a success! - 25/8 2014
    The first day on the market i made alot of good trades, the first one based on the fundamental news on the morning (German Ifo Business Climate) and four others based on technical analysis. Here is the trade of the day:
    Click image for larger version. 

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    A prefect drawn trend line that been "tested" four times before my trade. With other words the upgoing trend have at several points dropped just a little bit and reached a level proportional to eachothers. The more times the value reaches the trend line and then bounces up again, the stronger is the trend line. Also, the MACD had just reached a breaking point which make the trade even more obvious.

    5/5 in the money and a 78 dollar yield! Amazying.
    Check back for todays trades!
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    two trades !!!


    Today i will be showing you two trades from yesterday. I was working with support and resistance lines. Writing is not my best quality, and the saying goes "a picture shows more then a thousand words". So of course, i have pictures.

    We are starting with looking at the 4h chart, to see the resistance lines and how strong they are. If you take a look at the resistance 2 line, where i have drawn blue arrows, the candles bounce back down again when touching it. When you use resistance and support lines, make sure that you always check back in time to see how strong the line is. The more times it has bounced from it, the stronger the line is.

    The entry of the trade i find in the 5 min chart. Here is a picture of it.

    I always wait for the turn, in this case i waited for two red candlesticks, then i placed the trade. I used a 30 min expiry.

    Here is the after picture.

    And it was as you see, ITM.

    I'm also gonna take the time today to show you my second trade and a good entry point as i see it. Please note that if you want to make any comments on it, feel free to do so. I want to learn more.

    Here we have a picture of it in the 5 min chart.

    We see here that the support 3 line has bounced 2 times before and i feel that it was pretty strong. I waited for the turn, and waited for the candles to break the line and go through it. In the clue circle that i have made, i concider to be a risky entry point. I would wait until the big green candle finishes and then place the trade with a 15-30 min expiry time. In this trade i was a bit too early and placed it at the first green candle after the lowest red. When i placed it i thought about that it could be a while until it breaks, so i placed a 1h expiry, and got it ITM.

    My texts are not very polished but i hope you could get the core content out of it. Please comment or send me a message here on the forum if you have any questions or suggestions.

    Until next time!
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