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    Use my money to make money trading binary options !!!

    I have a winning strategy that works on Google at over 70% of the time. I have a money management strategy that can help you how to make $3000 a month. I am ready to help you if you willing to trade my strategy, keep discipline, and trade in 2 accounts where I will put the money myself. You keep the money in 1 account and the other account is mine. You have nothing to lose since there will be no risk on your own. Contact me on skype at bauvil2003 for more details.

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    Your thread is promotional, that’s why moved to Introducing Business Room. I don’t understand why you will give your profits somebody else if you have both wining strategy and money to invest?

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    mate, do you want to get yourself banned?

    We understoond you have a "wiinning stragey" in this threads above and on other posts. Please stop promoting it and use this thread or the last one mentioned above. Good luck

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