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    help Check this Scalper out - Is this for real ???!!!??? !!!

    This guy goes by the name of - Bashir Ahmad

    His forex account is usually named - Bashir1618

    The below is his Trading history using his Scalping Technologies

    What I want to know is this - Is this for real ???

    He also has other Forex Account which also rakes in the same gains ...

    Is this a joke ??? Or is this a real scalping robot ???

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    Am not sure it has anything to do with Binary Options... seems like an EA for forex accounts
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    Hi OneAboveAll, I moved your thread to Business Room where it is allowed to promote trading services. However remember that we are binary options trading community and we are interested exclusively in BO. There are so many forex trading forums and communities where you can post these robots. If you have something binary related it will be a lot more interesting to all the people here.

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    Yes. It is forex related account.
    But after a quick look, one thing I found out (I may be wrong) is that account owner has not displayed full trading history. Looks like he has selected custom history to show the best part of his trading. I am saying this because I cannot see "Deposit" anywhere at the start of trading history.
    But anyway that has nothing to do with BO because it will be very hard to implement forex scalping in Binary options.

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