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    sad6 Finally I can talk about my new business !!!

    Hello, everyone my name is Jay Kwan

    Although I became a member of this forum not too long ago. I wish to introduce my personal trading service. My service is a binary option managed service, and I will be trading with my partner. Me and my partner has 2year experience in binary option, with additional 2 year experience in Forex. Unlike other services it won't be software or auto trading. Me and my partner would be placing each trade on hand. We will trading mostly on really short term trading. Such as 1, 2 and 5 minute trading, But there are sometime when we could trade in 30 minute. The average return are between 10 to 20% increase on the whole account per day. We like to use 1~3% of the account's per trade. We would share screen shots of our performance, but honestly no one can trust anything with a mere photo. We all know that, that why we want a different approach. Give us any demo account of your choice, that has 1,2, 5minute trading. With this we can give a taste of our abilities. In addition, we only trade on account that has more than 10000 of any currency of your choice, because we will be accepting only 4 to 5 accounts, therefore limited amount of space. As that is the best we can physically do, as me and my partner together only have 4 arms. So, the higher deposit the better for both of us, right?

    This service is a shared profit type of service. We will be sharing 75% of the profit earned everyday, through perfect money. Although you might think that is a huge proportion of the profit. But let us think back to square one. We increase the account by 10 to 20% per day, while these return can be seen in a period of a month from most binary option service.

    I do have 3 recommended broker, since I believe these are the most reliable choices, as they don't manipulate and give fast withdraw. Plus, we got use to the trading platform. We prefer working with European or Australian citizens as they have the fastest withdraw with our recommended broker. Unfortunately, we do not prefer US resident investor, as most broker that allows US trader aren't reliable. Not trying to be racist or something. But besides that we can trade with anyone in any country
    (If you want to use the recommended broker, we'll just give you the link or name of the broker, not affiliate links as we're confident we can earn money by our trades, and not affiliate marketing.)

    I won't suggest trading with any unregulated binary broker, as you know these kind of broker, if one person is winning a lot of trade, they could manipulate, block account, cancel trades or refuse withdraw and get away with it. Because there is no law from stopping them to do so. If you are really want to us to trade on your unregulated account, we will. However, the consequence are on your hand. So, if your broker refuse to withdraw and we've already won trades for your account. We will continue to receive our commission and you have to deal the broker yourself, as you're the one who wanted to trade on these broker. Sounds reasonable right???

    I was never good at marketing, so I may sound very appealing like others, but I hope you guys give us the up most interest. Sorry for any grammar or spelling mistake. Give us any feedback on what type of information we're missing out, or which detail to be more clear. If I sound like a scammer or affiliate marketeer to you, I'll try my best to convince you.
    Further Question just give a comment or talk on Skype.
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    Hi, Jay! You are very new to our community and most probably most of the traders here won’t trust your offer very much. I don’t say it is not honest. You seem to be a honest person, but actually everything in trading world is about long term trust. If you would like to work in this business you need first to show your skills freely for everyone. If you have the right skills and you achieve the promised performance you will easily find clients. Actually this won’t be difficult for you. Just start trading in CT 2.0 and show the whole world that you can achieve steadily 10-20% per day. I doubt that, but you are free to prove me wrong

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    Everything you say is true, Kolyo my results seem over exaggerated, and that is understandable. As you say I will try prove my results with CT 2.0. Actually I thought CT 2.0 only had standard 15minute to 1 hour trading, but I found out it offers fast/turbo trading style as well. Very big help. I will try to use the CT 2.0 trading to prove my results. I wish there was a way to sync my account and show my results rather than demo account. That way I can earn while showing my results >
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    Sounds interesting.
    It's good that you guys want to keep it small, 4-5 accounts.
    Easier to manage and you can offer a higher quality of service

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    I don’t think that these problems can prevent someone from massive profiting with a long term strategy. Good brokers like 24Options, StockPair and few more won’t make you any problems with withdrawals. They are well capitalized and will pay your profits even if they are huge, also they won’t be able to manipulate your options so dramatically with longer term expirations like hours and days. I am mostly trading daily and weekly trades and even I am consistently profitable I don’t have any changes in my payouts.

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    I think you replied to the wrong thread.

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    Hey Okane, you got it right on spot. Although it would be better if we can trade much more accounts, however if that happens, we most likely are unable to place our trade in time. For short term strategy, placing the trade on time are much more critical.
    By the way everyone, thanks for your helpful comments and do not be afraid to tell us our flaws or where to improve on service. One person gave me a message saying the starting capital is way to high. Therefore, we want another method for you to join. We can start half or lower starting capital trade for few more days, after verifying our trading skills, you can deposit more, or we go on compounding method to increase the account in a short period amount of time.

    Please discuss this method, you think this method is better or making more work?
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