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    smile 3 Trading journal for CTO account. !!!

    I recently put $100 on I took a 100% bonus with a 30X or $3000 volume requirement. My thoughts are always put the smallest amount on a broker to open an account and add a small bonus. The idea is I will be pushing high risk anyway at first to grow the account so might as well. I would not do this on a higher deposit amount as I do not like my funds held hostage. I trade high volume so on anverage a bonus take me 2 weeks or less to complete. Lets fast forward Since openeing my account on 09/08/14 with $100 in funds I am currently at $340.00. that includes the bonus with has been completed.

    I will post weekly screen shots of my balance and some trade highlights as I go. I am still on a high risk trading system to achieve my goal of $1000 before I drop to a fixed 5% per trade from that point on. Currently most of my trades are 2mins with some 10-15min.

    $311 starting $340 finish
    Daily Profit $29
    Profit to date $240

    Today was a tough day had to increase risk to make an overall profit. Called it a night and hope for smoother day tomorrow.
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    9/23/14 Short morning session added $9 profit
    off to work GL traders!

    Afternoon session was good as well..Big trade of session was UJ call.

    Ended day up $19
    Total $359.54
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    I know I had a beer last night, but didn't expect to read Russian now....

    Too lazy to use Translate.

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