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    Trading room !!!


    I don't know if I'm the only one but I'm still having problem with the trading platform. I take a call with Google for 15 minutes and at the end the trade the platform tell me the trade is OTM when the trade is clearly ITM. See the print screen.

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    Thank you,


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    Hi Martin,

    2 things: 1. It's very hard to see anything on your chart... please try and make it bigger or use lightshot for screenshot..
    2. we need to see both your trade on mt4 and on CT2.0 cause I can't really understand what trade are you talking about.

    on another level, are you trading live? cause if you do, you'll quickly understand that mt4 feeds and your own broker's feed are not the same 100%... ITM trades on mt4 might be OTM on your broker... anyway, i would like to see what CT trade are you talking bout
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    Hi Martin,

    I don't have a screenshot for the CT sorry and I'm not able to retrieve it because it did not share this trade. Shame on me. Next time before posting I will have all the information.

    I know that broker and mt4 don't have the same price so I just follow the movement.

    Just one small question. Have you reset the balance because monday I have 51000$ balance and now I have 20000$? Just wonder.

    Congratulation for the new trading platform very nice.

    Thank you,


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