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    frustrader trader !!!

    Hello traders.I am kind of new,but have been trading for about a few month,i have been using support/resistance on my trades to some degree of success except when price goes up or down all the way passing my expiry price,that is when my money is gone.have been betting on gold,if only some how i can know when some news.or the market in general is to move up or down which i noticed any of this happen affects commodities up or down.please if some experience trader or anybody on this forum can give some advice it will be greatly appreciated.account managers of all the plattforms i have used they are interested only on bigger deposits otherwise they dont give this kind of advice much less let you know when your asset is going to behave erratically.

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    good of you to find us, welcome aboard! This is the place for you. There is a lot here, you can follow traders who trade gold in the communitraders CT thread and even post your own trades. You can find analysis of gold in the Trading Tips thread which is filled with news, analysis and tips, . You can also find lots of information on strategies and tools in the forum and on the main website in the binary options school. Let me know if you need help finding anything. And don't listen to your account managers!

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    Welcome here! If you want to learn trading, start with Demo! We have one, which absolutely rocks! Check the Green button on the top of the forum. Trading is a probabilistic game, if you expect somebody will give you 100% wining signals that will never be that way. Testing and checking different strategies allow traders to adapt to the market and that’s why you have to prepare yourself before going live and not to rely on someone else opinion. That’s just my thoughts but many here will agree with me too, so think about it!
    "The goal of a successful trader is to make the best trades. Money is secondary." - Alexander Elder

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    Hello. In order to make money trading you should choose strategies that are safe. You should start with small positions so while learning, you don’t loose too much. It would be best if you start demo, because that way you can’t loose anything. Also, you should choose the proper hours to do you trades (if they are not very long term trades ofc). There are moments when the market is more volatile and you can take advantage of it. There are news that you should follow, because they affect the movements.

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