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    Hot Crazy 30sec "Trading" !!!

    So i have deposited 250 bucks to my 24option account. Had some losses and then all of a sudden a very big spike in eur/usd kicked in.
    Changed to 30sec "Trading" and doubled my investment in like 10 minutes.
    I WILL NEVER DO THIS AGAIN!!! I was only lucky... And here are the trades i made on short term, i did some 5min expiry tardes as well, before i started doing the 30sec i was at maybe 272USD. Requisted a withdrawal when i reached 500USD
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Congratulation Xilard!!!

    This is really a great luck and a risky trading but the combination with the big news coming out (FED minutes release) and nice price action give you the chance to make this fantastic result. Better to keep more safe in the future especially after you have such a flying start
    "The goal of a successful trader is to make the best trades. Money is secondary." - Alexander Elder

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    I did not know about the news, i dont even know what does it mean.
    This was very bad money managment, i did this in the past, that is how i lost my money everytime but at least i have learned how to go with the trading trend.Now i can safely say that i know how the trend works.

    I made 650$ in a week, that is enough for a while...

    Thanks by the way :3
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    more like 30s gambling

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    Congratulations about the profit, but you’ll be right to never do it again. Once you get lucky and win a few hundred bucks. Then your luck betrays you and you end up losing a few thousand.

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    Good for you! Now it would be best if you don�t fool yourself that this is going to happen every time. Luck is great, but trading should be based on strategies.

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    Oh come on, we’ve all been there. It is very encouraging to get lucky from time to time. Hard knowledge and experience are very important, irreplaceable, but sometimes you need to let go and have some fun.

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