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    Was I almost taken in by a "guru"? !!!

    I am very new to binarys, and market analysis of any kind. I got into it by actually opening one of those "Become rich overnight" spam emails. I only opened it for the entertainment value, and it delivered. I played online poker for years, and also have done reviews for online poker sites and am very aware of scams and how to recognize the obvious ones from miles away. But, as I checked out some of the info in the email, I landed on sites and that led to more sites, and I eventually saw some vids in youtube and my interest was piqued.

    A guy named Micheal Freeman was talking about BO and also selling (even tho he claims it is for free, but he would like you to make a donation to the charity of your choice, and i get the feeling he was sincere about this, seems like a genuinely nice guy)his own auto trader, which is the real deal, according to him and his real people comments.

    I sent him a kind of long winded email expressing my interest, but also my "Hey, dude, if it sounds to good to be true...... and your sell sure does". But I was open to trying his auto trader. Now, he did mention trading is hard work, but you also get the impression - I did anyway - that with an IQ of -50 you can still make money.

    Long story short, he never replied. Maybe the fact I mentioned that anything that sounds to good to be true almost always is, I dont know.

    But had he replied in a timely fashion, I may have bitten. I now understand that an auto trader is not the way to go (at least, that is my opinion)

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    You are correct about auto traders, they are no good.
    I mean, I'm very skeptic when it comes to auto traders, if anyone has a working one
    then please prove it. You have CT and you can easily show that it is legit.
    As you can see no one wants to show you any results ever more than a few pictures
    or a short clip where they happen to get 10 wins in a row after who knows how many attempts.

    I know big banks and companies have auto traders but think about it, they are banks, they
    have spent millions of dollars in their algorithms, hundreds of programmers have spent decades
    to evolve the software, they have inside info, history and much more that we can't even imagine.
    So yeah, if you get your hands on a banks auto trader then I'm sure it's a damn good one!

    But a 100-300$ auto trader that someone claims it works usually does a good job of wiping your account pretty quick.

    Michael Freeman is a good business man, he does a good job informing about scams and I don't think he intends to scam anyone
    but I still don't think that an auto trader without some human "touch" well do fine by itself.
    Maybe it works for him because he knows exactly how it works and when to use it but I doubt is as good as the claims.

    Anyway, use your own knowledge and you'll get far. Just takes time but at least you'll see good results.

    **EDIT** Well, I guess now we know the answer now, big scam...
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    Thanks for the reply Okane. I did get the feeling that M.Freeman was a genuine guy. He really seems interested in outing scammers - it actually seemed to be a passion of his to direct people away from bad platforms and brokers - but it kind of irritated me that he sells himself as "a real guy" but didnt respond to my mail. Of course, I am the star of my own movie (the way I say my world revolves around, take that with the sarcasm it is oozing....)and I kind of opened my heart to the guy. Middle age musician with wife and kids, having to cope with a competitive market that caters to youngsters, looking for a way to secure my family's future ad nauseum... and he IGNORED ME.........

    OK, lmao moment, but, since he was blowing that tune of "I am a real guy" I kinda thought he would at least respond with a snippet.

    But I also found his vids in youtube to be informative. Personal slights aside.... However,I now see anyone selling an autotrader - and I am assuming even a "free" one has some pitfall built in somewhere - as someone selling a dream.

    I can dream on my own, for free, and I realize when to wake up......

    well, mostly...........

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    Yes there are more than enough dream sellers online. Hard work does pay in the end. Think about this way; if you spend time chasing easy money you wont learn anything and you'll end up being sorry. Chase your own dreams instead and it gets easier later and you will learn so much in the process. We are here to help everyone with getting there so at least you are in the right place

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    In my opinion, it’s way easier to try and learn to trade yourself than try to figure out if the next dream seller is real or another scammer. Anyway most of those are just greedy people trying to make money on the… sorry for the term… stupidity of people who want to get rich the easy way.
    "The goal of a successful trader is to make the best trades. Money is secondary." - Alexander Elder

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    It is best to learn to trade yourself. Don't fall for the scams.

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    Learning how to trade with little loss is a very hard and time taking process. Learning how to trade with stable profits is even harder. A lot of people are tempted to try going easier with someone else thinking instead of them, but that could never work. Sometimes the harder way is the best one.
    "The goal of a successful trader is to make the best trades. Money is secondary." - Alexander Elder

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    You were saved, don't worry. There are auto traders that work but they are not for sale and no, don't bother looking for them because you will not find them.

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