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    TA-25 Chart on MT4 !!!

    Is anybody aware about availability of TA-25 (Tel Aviv 25 Index) on MetaTrader? My broker has open sessions during weekend especially for this index and I wonder if I could use some data feed to study on MT4 charts.

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    Legendry Member Okane's Avatar
    First look in your MT4 if you have it or not;
    Ctrl + M opens markets watch and there right click anywhere and press "Show all"
    Look through there, if you can't see it there then you need to get your price
    feed from another broker that includes TA 25. If your broker has sessions for it
    then maybe you can connect your MT4 to your broker?
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    Junior Member rowish's Avatar
    Thank you, Okane. Can't find TA-25 on my Alpari feed. I should look after a way to find out whether 24option could provide data to MT4.

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    Legendry Member Okane's Avatar
    No problem. I've asked 24Option already about that, unfortunately they don't provide any data.
    However they do have advanced charts for they assets as you might know already.
    Also you can check out NetDania, it's a good platform just like MT4 and you can sign up for free
    to use their other type of charts that allows you to save all your settings, but check before
    you register to find out whether they have TA-25 or not. There is a charting platform there
    that you can view without need of registration .
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