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Thread: the DAX ?

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    the DAX ? !!!

    Anyone like to give an assessment on the current situation concerning the DAX? The price is currenty at a yearly low and decending fast.

    Is this a market correction? therefor we will see further price drops or at best sideways movement before recovery.
    Is this (1yr low) just a result of recent poor briefings in the media. Which means the price will bounce and recover in the medium term.

    More and more financial advisors are suggesting either a "crash" is imminent, or at best a major market correction (downwards)is overdue. Anyone have some thoughts on this issue?

    (i posted this thread in this room as it concerns "briefings and market outlook" concerning the DAX)

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    DAX Technical levels !!!

    Dax has an immediate support at 9050 (Aug 12th low), below which the index can test 9025 levels. On the other hand, prices may rally to 9140 levels if the day’s high of 9084 is taken out.

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