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    Black Rock !!!


    I have been in BO for about 2 years now and learned many things from here.

    I also use other sources to compliment my trading activities. And I came across
    a new signal service Called Black Rock Binary Trading Signals recently run by a
    gentlemen called Rick Bawer. I have demoed those signals for one week and witnessing
    the high winning rate I went live for the last two weeks. The results are awesome.

    The uniqueness of the service is he give signals only on four (same)assets and only twice
    I noticed he gave 5 signals which I think gives him an edge on his winning percentage. He
    goes mostly 3-1,4-0 and hardly 2-2.

    As I think he MIGHT give few days more trial before charging them, it is highly worth trying
    them. Here is the link if someone wants to try it:

    Happy Trading !
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