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    newbie using the trading app !!!

    I have never traded before, and am still doing the school. I was wondering if it makes sense to use the app to trade, even tho my trades will be very bad probably. I am trying to find a strategy, and do not know how I will trade. If I use the app, it will be like shooting in the dark, but it will also show me what it is like.

    Does it make sense to start playing around with it now, or better wait till I can make more informed decisions? I would use it more or less out of curiosity, and also to see if I am understanding any of the stuff I am learning so far.

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    Definitely it can help you to make better decisions in the future! There is no matter if you are complete newbie or more experienced, you can trade in demo mode freely with our CT App all the time, even if you don’t have clear strategy in mind yet. It will help you to know what to expect. Actually there is no perfect strategy so everything is a matter of constant improving and with demo playing you will learn how to work day by day on your style and improve it further. Hope to see you in CommuniTraders soon
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    most of the things you will not learn by reading but by trading. Practice on the app, play around and find out what you dont understand. Once you are ready to trade you will know

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    Try this article, might help:

    always best to just give it a try!
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