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    Broker whit more end of week options? !!!


    If I can ask?

    I know an while of binary options. But did not make money not one penny. But spend a lot of time behind the pc. Now I came to the concussion that I hate the short expiry. To much work and to much stress for me. Normally I trade end of day expiry. Because that are the most options that are available. And I can close loosing trades.(that is why I chose to focus on end of day expiry) Because I could trade between big news releases in the week.

    But now I am thinking of trading end of week expiry. Because my 60,240,1440 minutes charts.setup. Looks like I could make some trades in the money when I follow the trade setup.And stick less behind the pc. Just working and maybe making some penny's for the weekend beer.

    But my broker's have only 6 or 7 options for end of week expiry. And only Forex. Does someone know of an broker that has more end of week options available? And do there exist options where you can close end of week options early? to cut loss. When news comes out like end of day options? I do no think so. That will have its reasons.

    And I have some issue in understanding how to read all important news releases. What the market-movers are and how to understand the pricing in. I mean
    When I trade end week expiry I must at least know something about upcoming news events when I am in the middle of an trade. Where I can not get out.

    Or I was thinking of trading Forex more because than I can get out and in when I want. In demo I survive but that does not say an thing.
    But when I not even can make money whit binary options, I kill myself on Forex I think.

    So question(s) is/are: anyone knows about lecture on how to read fundamental news? meaning what numbers could be market-movers, and about pricing before the news is out? And about the expiry. I look at so many news-events. But have still not the right idea about how the going to effect the market.

    Or someone tells me I am thinking totally bogus. And do not understand an thing. Than I stop trading. Because the ultra-short expiry makes me sick. I can not find any good setup that fits the expiry. Mostly it goes the direction I predict but not in the expiry time I pick. It starts to suck.

    I do not have trading in the blood. But I do not want to give up. even after 2 years. (parttime) trading, reading, practicing and loosing 50% of my investment. haha.
    But an lite end of week bonus even if it is 1 dollar a day would be good. Than when I am 65 I have my investment back. That is not wishful thinking, but realistic.

    Thanks for any comment.

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    Hi Theta decay and welcome here!

    It is interesting for me how did you select your user name? It looks something like options greeks but maybe it is not I have to say that your persistence will pay off sooner or later. That’s for sure, but for now better to move to a testing mode at least for a while before you find proper time frame and broker. There are some of the good brokers listed in BOTS with much more weekly expiry than forex pairs only. You can ask Michael also because he is trading only weekly options on many different instruments. I can not give you clear advice about trading news. It is not that simple and straightforward and better to avoid these conditions because markets are not reacting only in the same direction as expected but it can also be opposite if the initial expectations are already priced. If you have any other questions let us know and the community will help you in your trading journey
    "The goal of a successful trader is to make the best trades. Money is secondary." - Alexander Elder

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    Thank you Kolyo, for the response,

    My account-balance works like an sort of theta decay. The more I get to the expiry time of my traded options the more my account balance losses in value. :-)

    For now I have an setup. On the 30, 60 240 1440 chart. Whit view indicators. (when the signals come within in an certain time-frame. At the same day. There is an good opportunity by the end of the week market is going that detection. It takes more time. But the fundamental news releases.....

    Thanks again, and of course an great forum. And all credits to the BOTS TEAM.

    But if I will be the an good member that contributes to the form. Is in question. First I must get my own trading on track. But I do my best

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    Perhaps try different forum surfing?

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