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    ok icon The Simple Trend Line Strategy !!!

    This is the Simple Trend Line Strategy. It's a reliable technique to start trading with.

    What Is The Trend Line Strategy

    This is a basic strategy good for beginners. It in fact used one (1) indicator, trend lines, and for that is fairly reliable. The idea is to utilize the trend lines to predict trend. Then use the line as a target entry for forex or binary options positions. In order to place a trade a trend must first be established, this is done by connecting peaks and troughs. If the trend is up, that is two or more consecutive higher troughs, then you trade bullish. If the trend is down, two or more consecutive lower peaks, you trade bearish. Once trend is established you must wait for the price to move back to the trend line and touch it. Once touched, when price begins to move away from the trend line you can enter a trade in the direction of the trend.

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    In an uptrend there will higher peaks and higher troughs and in a downtrend there will be lower peaks and lower troughs.

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    Exactly, connecting these peaks and troughs can produce trend lines but also channels which are another great way of trading the market. Channels provide targets and can also help to assess shorter term signals, trend strength and potential reversals.

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