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    Have a Trading Diary? Will be moved soon !!!

    HI Guys! for all of you keeping a trading diary or trading tips thread, your thread will be moved soon. Don't worry! It's only to make this forum better!

    We've launched a new room especially for our fellow CommuniTraders:
    Members War Room: Trading Tips, Diaries and Financial News

    This is your place to share your trading insights, tips, signals, or simply keep a trading diary. This is the place where CommuniTraders speak of their own trading experiences. This is the place where fellow CommuniTraders share their tips with others, and learn from one anothers' quest along the way of becoming a successful trader. See you there!
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    The long awaiting new room is already here! Don’t miss the opportunity to join! If you have the passion about trading let’s jump in and start your very own personal trading diary, presented to all of our members!
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