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    The Federal Reserve vs. Investors !!!

    As the Federal Reserve has back-stopped the market for six years with massive quantitative easing, the upswings have gotten more robust. On the other hand, the collapses have become more epic as well in the past few decades with Federal Reserve intervention. Just look at the tech collapse in 2000-01 and the financial collapse in 2008-09. Federal Reserve intervention was not as robust as it has been in the last six years but the markets still had epic collapses. As an investor and trader, the swings test the best in the business and ultimately mean the charts must be read constantly. While no investor or trader nails the exact bottoms or tops every time, the best traders will consistently pick close to those key points. In addition, the best traders and investors are the ones that do not let emotion take control EVER. Emotion is the one thing that will cause more losses than anything else when investing. While the average investors will chase markets up and down, the pros have that ability to hold back, waiting for the perfect technical setup.

    The future promises to be wild as we all will see the results of the massive money printing done by the Japanese Central Bank, European Central Bank and Federal Reserve.

    Gareth Soloway

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    This post is completely irrelevant to binary options but to spot trading. What is the perfect set-up for a 5min trade in binary options? The Fed printed money that was pumped into several markets and I can tell you traders made a fortune by buying DJ30 and SP500 contracts as some of the funds went into US equities. Likewise, the Fed's QE operations were also intended to weaken the US Dollar to increase US competitiveness in the market, boosting exports. I don't understand though how is this relevant to binary options?

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    The thread is more for a war room.

    Discussing news and economic data is not appropriate for the General Discussion Room.
    "The goal of a successful trader is to make the best trades. Money is secondary." - Alexander Elder

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