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    redface How much $$ you make? !!!

    I was just wondering how much money you guys make off it. Is it enough for you to survive or are you making a decent living on it?
    I am personally making 800$+ on a weekely basis based on a signals provider that is very tusted. I might sometime in the future give it out to you.

    So how are you doing in this trading world?

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    Check this thread Actually it depends on many factors and your profits could not be one and the same each day of your trading.
    "The goal of a successful trader is to make the best trades. Money is secondary." - Alexander Elder

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    Profits will also depend on market trend. Do not pressure yourself to trade if market is not moving

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    My trading rules
    Rule number one:If I have three consecutive winning trades per week I will stope to trade
    Rule number two:If I have one lost trade per week I will stop to trade
    Correction rule number two:If I have success rate more than 85% (score 5-1 or 6-1 or 7-2 winning/lost trades)I will take a chance for an other trade.

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    THe future is now Christmas eve Your present to us all is the name and web address of your successful signal provider.

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    I am trading over 5 years with a broker and my experiences are not bad . I lead my life and family with this . The broker gave me a very good signals most of the time . They didn't betrayed me . So now i am happy .

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    I don’t believe there is a trusted signal provider. Sorry, but it just doesn’t sound realistic.

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    Why is this question so oftenly asked? I'm just wondering. I mean, the amount of money that you win weekly doesn't reflect your strategies, it only shows how big is your account. For example, I don't make a huge weekly profit, but I do make a lot of winning trades. I just don't trade with a lot of money. I devide my money to 2 parts - trading money and just money. Thus I don't make huge profits, but I also never lose big and I am never afraid of getting my account blown completely.

    By the way, milos's rules are great. I absolutely agree with what he said.

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    First you need to have your own rules. This is very important

    After that all depends of your buget, money management and your strategy. Different budgets = different gains or loses. And no day is like other day.

    And i think that your best signal provider is your brain, your strategy and your rules. Only my opionion

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    Can you please help us with the name of your signal provider and how much does it cost.
    Thanks in advance.

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