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    dollars 1 Global Macroeconomics and Fundamental Trends Opinions !!!

    Hi guys!

    In the very end of the 2014 I am starting a new thread dedicated on Global Macro point of view on the markets. This thread will be a place where we can share and discuss the latest developments in the World Economy. Present links to well reputable sources and hedge fund manager opinions.

    I am starting with the following presentation - I am very excited to show you the YouTube video presenting Ray Dalio perception of the World Economy
    It is interesting and very educational way to see the market behaviour.

    Let the discussion begins!
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    Nice video Kolyo. Thank you. Basic economics based on monetary and fiscal policy,debt/income ratio, inflation/deflationm saving/spending.We can see it similar economic situation in Japan. Deflation. Debt crisis in PIGS(euro zone, Portugal, Italy, Spain, Greece.I think this video can be used for binary option trading month expiry if we have needed information about interest rate,budget deficit,income tax, unemployment rate.

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