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    Where all the binary options scams originate.. !!!

    I just thought the admins and users of this site might want to know where 90% of the binary options signals and autotrading scams's called

    Clicksure is an affiliate network. All of the make money/scam products like Binary Matrix Pro, German Banker, MyCashBot (new), Insider John (Binary App 180) are all launched from here.

    There's currently 145 binary options products in this marketplace, which are all identical and just clones of each other with different names and URLs. Yes that's right, the software for most of these products is exactly the same. the only thing that chances is the name/URL and video actor.

    If the admin of this forum wants to prevent scams they should sign up a ClickSure account so they can login, view the marketplace and let everyone know about all the latest binary options scams being promoted here.
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    Clicksure no doubt. That's the purpose of this new room actually - posting new "trading bots/signals/gurus/etc" here, and warning the public in advance. I'm still looking for a clicksure product that actually delivers.
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    Thanks for the information! It will be useful to other members. All scams begin with people who think that there is an easy and shorter path to being a successful trader.
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