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    afraid 1 BO option Brokers - Their Dirty Little Secret !!!

    This video is an EYE OPENER!

    Glad I went with Nadex

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    Quote Originally Posted by LorraineP View Post
    This video is an EYE OPENER!

    Glad I went with Nadex
    Someone recently posted this in another thread. This guy who made the video
    is just another scammer, even though he might be right about
    most things about binary options. Nothing we didn't know already.

    Always see what their agenda is before you trust these online marketers.
    You can go to his website... link under his video:
    Just another typical scam, first tries to gain trust by giving you some info
    to show sympathy then tries to sell you a system that well give you 80+ wins
    with no experience required lol.Oh and the typical "limited offer" You know how
    many years that page has been up claiming the offer is limited?
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