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    Website Design Request for Easier Navigation !!!

    When doing research in the Forums it would be nice to have a way to navigate from a post back to a thread. Right now I can see where I am,,, The little house near the top of the page, Forum > Suggest and Promote > Suggestions, Idea, etc etc. > Post New Ideas

    If the above sections (words) were hot links then one could search the forum and then go back to similar threads he/she was wanting to research. I have tried a few times to find a thread that contained similar posts only to get lost and have to re-search my topic. I have seen it on other sites. I am not a programmer so I do not know how hard it would be to implement such a feature. Would be handy for us newbs though. Thanks for hearing my suggestion.
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    Hi Sean,

    I don’t understand what is exactly your idea? If you can explain it ones again it will be great. We have advanced search box and also navigation link at the top. If you want to keep open the current thread and continue your research you can use a right click and ‘open in new window’ option to do it precisely.
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    Hi Kolyo The other night I was doing some research in the forums and searched this string; data services. I was looking for information on API data so I clicked on this thread; Thread: API for datafeed. After reading what was there I wanted to go back into the larger threads connected to this post/thread. I looked for hot links and a way to get back to the originating discussions. I had to read up top where it was;

    The little house, Forum arrow, Binary Options Strategies and Tools arrow Binary Options Trading Tools and Indicators arrow API for Datafeed. Then I got lost.

    It would be nice to have those words near the top of the page as hot links as to move back in the discussion.

    In looking again tonight I did find the hot links in a pink menu at the bottom of the post. So it is there. Oops. Can you tell I am still new to your site?

    Still if those navigational descriptors were hot links I would use those, then there would be hot links at top and bottom.

    Take care.

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    Wow a big THANK YOU to the webmaster for making the navigation line a hot link. Yahoo.

    I am already using it.

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