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    binary app 810 scam or legit ? !!!

    I want to know about Binary App 810 in details with specific information.
    i need help. please anybody can help me.

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    Scam!!!! !!!

    Its a scam. See this post as well

    This quote from the website alone should tell you that you are about to be screwed..

    "Since this is a honest BinaryApp-810 review I must also warn you: Don't expect the software to work with an existing binary options account you might already have."

    What he means by that is deposit into my partner in crime broker which is a scam broker "Banc De Binary ". Then the software will do losing trades to deplete your account ,you will receive a call or be tempted to redeposit and the software will repeat the vicious cycle of doing losing trades.

    The fact that they use the CTFC link to somehow prove they are legit should make you run away fast because we all know these Bins offshore brokers are not welcomed in the U.S so the CFTC would not endorse them in anyway.
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    Most software are scams so be careful

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    Scam, or just bullshit.
    “Don't believe anything you read on the net. Except this. Well, including this, I suppose.” ― Douglas Adams

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    total scam, totally

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    I want to know more specific causes. Why it is scam? Please brief in details.

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    its intended to get you to deposit with a broker using their affiliate marketing links, so they make money and the more you lose the more they make...

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