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    FXCM Goes Under!!! !!!

    Wow! I just saw a report that said FXCM could be going under because of capital requirements linked to moves associated with the Swiss bank decision yesterday. this is crazy! That was a ridiculous thing they did, the Swiss bank, and hurt a lot of people. I know they needed too to save themselves but the whole scenario was imbalanced from the beginning of the franc ceiling.

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    The stock is not trading on the NYSE, reports say that traders owe the broker a lot of money and that it is perhaps in process of margin calls and etc ...more as I hear it.

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    FXCM received a loan to keep in business. Alpari on the other hand, went down.
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    Yeah, I saw the loan deal but never heard if it went through...

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    I think the deal went thru for FXCM to get the loan. There are news that they consider using the loan to buy Alpari

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    Yep, they needed about 225 million, got a loan for 300 and there's talk about FXCM buing Alpari
    Just rumor at the moment
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