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Thread: Ecb qe

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    Ecb qe !!!

    so what if ECB announces QE above the expected 500B Euros and what would happen if it's less? what if they don't announce QE at all.

    could someone please explain to me the science behind this QE?

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    Legendry Member Michael Hodges's Avatar
    the ECB needs to do something or they may cause an SNB style market ripple and put some more forex brokers out of business. the EUR driven pairs are extended on years of ECB blowing wind, DRaghi speak and no actions, the bank will have to do at least what we expect to keep the eur/usd down where it is and probably more to get it to move lower.....

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    Legendry Member Okane's Avatar
    Interesting, fundamentals are not really my cup of tea.
    Look what happened to Alphari UK:
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    Legendry Member Michael Hodges's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Okane View Post
    Interesting, fundamentals are not really my cup of tea.
    Look what happened to Alphari UK:
    Yeah, its not so much that the brokers lost so much money as it is the traders, the margin calls must have been massive in proportion I can not even begin to imagine...millions, maybe billions counting all the different forex brokers.

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    Active Member stensten's Avatar
    Markets already factored in the expected QE, that is why Euro is in strong downtrend.

    If the QE is larger than expected, i would guess Euro will drop even further, interest rates maybe 0?

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    Legendry Member milos's Avatar
    Who knows? Nobody. It can be reduced below 0% to negative interest rate.Economists and analysts expected to remain unchanged.It depends from the press conference.

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    Legendry Member Michael Hodges's Avatar
    More than expected! Bullish for gold, the dollar and global equities!

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    Legendry Member milos's Avatar
    The euro fell sharply against the dollar after the ECB meeting.At today's meeting,the European Central Bank has decided to start with a program of monetary easing in the amount of 60 billion euros on a monthly basis from March to the end of 2016 years.It will continue if inflation is close to the target value of 2%.The market was pretty surprised significantly larger scope of monetary stimulation than expected.According to previous forecasts expected that figure to be around 500 billion euro however according to today's decision,it will be about 1.2 trillion euros.

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    Specialist Member runneroption's Avatar
    This is a too big figure to not have dramatic effect on the Euro market. I think we will see parity EUR/USD 1.00 this year. What do you think?

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    Legendry Member Michael Hodges's Avatar
    could be, we are really close now,

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