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    Help wanted in options trading !!!

    Hi my name is Neil. I just retired after 49 years as an attorney and began trading options about 3 months ago.I have lost my tail but I am learning and trying to correct a new mistake a day.I read as much material on the subject as is humanly possible and probably in a year or two I may learn all that I need to actually succeed At this point I am looking for a professional level trader who will work with me in making trades each day that I can pay on a commission or some other basis to pick those trades. That service would depend on the level of success of those trades. Is there such a person or company that does that. I have been with 5 brokers so far and have found unless i had a GOLD or VIP accounts, that is usually $10,000 or up, they do not give you a great deal of attention or a level of representative that is likely to increase your wealth or convey much knowledge. I am sure this has been a problem with many other people. The brokers are constantly pushing to have more money put in the account without offering great service. I can be reached at skype neil.lewis30 or phone 410-302-9991. I am on EST Hope to hear from someone that is straight forward and extremely good at options

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    Hey! Firstly, for your own sake, never ever just leave your number on any website just like that... we are a good community but there are scammers lurking behind some nicknames from time to time.
    Anyway, yes there are successful traders here, including myself, and the education provided here is free so take a look at it first. We also share trades directly in the platform and you can follow them.. copy them. The platform is still new so be patient please.
    Talk to you later am a bit busy at the moment .

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    Hello Neil. Be careful.

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    Hi Nail,

    Welcome to CommuniTraders!

    Firstly it is not good idea to allow brokers to trade your money. It is not very difficult to explain to attorney what that mean conflict of interests. When the broker desire to “lose” your money in his pockets no good to ask him to do so Of course successful traders exists and here we have some, but when it come to managing other peoples money it is more difficult to convince somebody to start such business for you, because the expectations you have may be different than actual capacity of the trader and many issues like that. Also successful traders have good capital to trade and they don’t need small percentage that will gain from somebody else account. Fortunately we have here free tips from our experienced friend Michael and you can try to follow them and see what trading looks like. Best way will be to learn trading by yourself but that is a long and hard process of trial and errors and you need to be patient.
    "The goal of a successful trader is to make the best trades. Money is secondary." - Alexander Elder

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    I think that if you follow the trading journals here and you keep on reading like you’re already doing and if you start testing things on demo first, you will learn a lot more and way faster. Letting someone else trade for you is rather risky and it’s quite a serious obligation for the person you hire. Even if you get lucky and you pick the right guy for this, there is a great chance that his way of trading and the path he has decided to follow is very different from your own ideals. You have to develop your own sense for trading.

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