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    Diary. Trading. Ronnel. !!!

    Diary start: March 7, 20015. 22:41 JPN

    Activity: Practicing CommuniTrader's Demo Trading.

    To learn BO trading using the demo while studying the BOT School. Understand how the system work, learn how to read and anticipate the chart, learn the timing when to push call or put, learn to decide what products to chose, time to chose, chose best expiry time and to learn the skill/timing when to hit the button in coordination to my prediction based on the chart. Learn how the system work, learn how my different computers and android smartphone behaves/speed/performance, etc. Learn which web browser is best to use. Compare speed of LAN vs wifi on my pcs, notebook, netbook and smartphone. Learn best monitor size to use. Add, upgrade, or replace unit. Learn if it is possible to trade while on the run. Learn how to prepare body and mind before trading. Should I eat, drink, stretch, exercise, do martial arts, meditate, do the laundry, etc? Learn to control emotion, learn how to get eyes focused and not linger allover, learn how to control too much unwanted blinking while focusing on the chart. Learn how to properly coordinate eyes and clicking finger. Proper control of breathing... lower and stabilize heart rate... concentrate!!! Feels like that I have to do the same routine like when racing or competing MA to get the balance back when doing BO Trading.

    Main Objective: Study and graduate BOT School, study demo, move to real trading and make money.

    2nd Objective: Teach and guide my J-buddies to BO trading based on the stuffs I learned. Get my son, my brothers to join. Prove to my wife that I'm a bad-A, sexy BO Trading machine!

    Observation and Practice/Study Results:
    High rate of success doing Android BO simulator apps. High score in USD/JPY with less than a minute predictions but suck on longer trade. Feels like I can really make money. My CommuniTrader Demo score sucks big time. Was able to bring up 20,000 to 20,680 dollars (virtual money) on the first day but got too excited and traded badly on the next two days. Now I'm down to 19,669 dollars. Got too exited and have tried trading stuffs that I don't know Jack-St! Most mistake done was during the time when the graph's movement was very slow. I have a higher rate of success when the graph is moving faster, should have stopped once I felt the decrease of the graph's speed, need more self control. Should have stayed with CALL as my strategy since my WIN rate is higher. Comfortable with 2 minute trade but suck big time doing longer expiration time. Must learn and study more how to understand, how to properly do graph prediction for longer expiry duration. Must learn how to control myself when to stop trading in hope to get back my losses. Learned that graph movement drastically changes due to day and time. Learned that there is no movement on weekends... USD/JPY's graph stopped moving at midnight but I was still trying to do 2 minute trade... GRRRR!!! Fast moving on Monday, Thursday and Friday based on what I read, must study and prove that this is true. Must learn the best trading time for the currencies that I wish to trade.

    Read Bot School and installed MT4 and signal app and tried comparing and analyzing it with the demo graph. Lots of hair pulling and head scratching. Long hours studying BOT School while chugging lots of coffee and watching sexy ladies in YouTube made me lose concentration. Took a walk for a while and got me going again but had to change YouTube vids because those sexy chics are really a distraction!

    Wife asked me to explain what I have learned. She asked some weird/trick questions about the stuffs that I told her and found that I may have to review or go back to preschool again... she also must have been reading some BO Trading how to's too???
    Still have to study a lot and hope to pass BOTS School test. Itching to start real money BO Trading...

    Winning Ratio: 46%
    Best Strategy: HIGH
    Best Asset: USD/JPY
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    Hey! Glad you started your own diary! Thanks for sharing.

    There are two articles I suggest your read. First one is, like you mentioned,
    how Martial Arts and trading go hand in hand .

    Second one, how to keep a journal, what to include in a diary:

    Good Luck!
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    I really appreciate the links, especially the first one. Many thanks!

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    WARNING: To readers who might be reading this... My Trading diary is probably comical and hilarious especially from pro traders but since I'm a total BO newbie, I'm just writing what I think and my experiences while trying to put the puzzle together... You can read and probably have a good laugh with the questions and problems that are bugging me Total stupidity but these stuffs really do bug me, lol!

    March 8. 2015.
    Went to meet with some of my J-friends yesterday to talk about some BS and BO Trading. Non of us have started yet and it's a race. Some of us have been trying to study but most are just going to rely on chance. All of us agreed to start BO using the lowest minimum deposit and see how it goes. I told them that I'm studying BOT School and told them what I learned. Got laughed at and was told that I should approach it as gambling since the deposit is just minimal and if we drained our money is to just laugh and have some beers. Was also told that studying graphs, trends, tools, etc. is a waste of time since they are all planning to do the 60 seconds BOT and said that tools are useless for 60 seconds. They even laughed when I told them about money management because they said that we will never get rich especially with the minimum deposit... I told them that the reason why I'm studying is to have a better chance and will also focus more on the longer expiry than the 60 seconds. I told them that the school might give me a winning edge even if the chance might be small, I'll try to approach it as safely as possible.

    One of my mates who is interested doing BO is doing stocks but totally gives his broker the power to trade for him because he doesn't know how the system works. The guy with him who joined our small meeting has been doing Forex for several years and told me that my approach is the safest and gave me a grin. He is pro to studying than flipping the coin but my mates told me that Forex and BO is a different ball game.

    My business is slow and I surely can't keep up with these guys. I hope that I can really apply the stuffs that I learned and will learn here and hoping that I can give them the middle finger (really annoying!). The big problem is that they really can ditch more money and wouldn't even get worried. For me it's different, I can't afford to ditch that much...

    Studying at the school gave me a different view of BO. Our opinions are opposite but I will stick with studying first than starting blindly. BO may not make me money but the stuffs that I learned from the school and from reading the forums may come in handy someday.

    Still studying the demo and have tried playing with MT4. Hard to understand... Trying longer expiry trade in hope to learn how to read and predict the graphs.

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    I think the way You are doing is very good. Study,write here,wait for answers,advice etc this is the way in the beginning. Is tough but If You want to learn BO You need to pass this first steps. Dont listen to your friends when they laugh...BO is not gambling...You are not at the cazino

    Keep IT going

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    Hi Ronye!
    I do believe that BO is not gambling unless one treats it like a casino. Your comment gave me a boost, thanks!

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    Finished taking the Bot School test last night. Test results was fair but was not that impressive. Should have slept first.. Didn't understand all fully but will be moving to PHD and will go over reading the school and taking the tests once or several times more.

    Was able to install Trade Assistant on MT4 but it wasn't easy. I wasn't successful installing “TA v1.14c” and after some trial and error I found and was able to install "TA_1.14b". Also installed Urban Towers Will try to install other indicators to MT4 (fingers crossed, lol!). Still don't know Jack-Sht about reading and predicting MT4...
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    All indicators you need to install in indicators folder in your MT4 folder. Is not complicated. You can open you MT4 folder also from MT4 platform via File. Keep only indicators you need or you think you will need in the future, don't download all indicators you see on internet.

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    Hi Ronye,
    I have been adding different indicators to my MT4 and have only kept two. Most are just too complicated and very hard to digest. The best indicator I like is the Trade Assistant. Many thanks for your kind advise.

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    Trade assistant is more or less an indicator from what i know. Is a tool which can help You a bit but is not truly an indicator

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