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    Big drop in crude prices during Tuesday's trading session !!!

    There was a big drop in crude prices during Tuesday's trading session. Investors decided it was a good idea
    for them to go short on the news that Iraq's exports rebounded and the Saudis are now pumping at near record rates.
    This allowed oil prices to go lower and lower from the $50.00 mark. US stocks ended up making some notable losses
    during Tuesday's trading session. When looking to Europe there were also some big losses. The thing is that stocks
    in Europe posted a very impressive quarter. What was very important was the German DAX Index posting its best quarter
    since its 1988 inception. The Japanese Nikkei Index posted quarterly gains, but dropped yesterday as traders decided
    that it was better for them to take out their profits of the index.

    Source: FMTrader's financial reviews

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    what's up with your posting? Please post in the right room. Incase you're planning to keep the news coming, please open a dedicated thread. I could help
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    Here are two good places for post like this... the first is our dedicated discussion and trading thread for oil and energy. The second is the War Room where you can start a dedicated thread for your news, analysis or tips if that is what you want to do.

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    Hi Robert,

    We have serious rules about posting different type of content in our forum. If you would like to post news and trading commentaries it is recommended to open your dedicated thread in Members War Room. If you have any problem with opening your own thread let us know and we will help. Posting trading related news in other threads is also possible but in the same room, not in General, Newbie or anywhere else. We won’t ban your account if you don’t follow this guidelines, but it will be much difficult for us to move and rearrange your posting! It is actually your responsibility to post all your post in the appropriate rooms. If you have any questions let us know
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    ok no problem thanks

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